Life is a sermon

little known fact, i am actually an ordained minister. NOW, before you say anything, I must clarify. It is true. I have a college degree and ordination papers with a major denomination (if such a thing even exists any more. for the record i am opposed to denominationalism). I also am surrounded by some REALLY great preachers. On our staff we have 4 or 5 guys who can bring it every time. And Pastor Raley is just an AMAZING communicator on a lot of levels. The chances of me preaching at our church falls someplace between slim and none and that may be an optimistic view of the situation.

HOWEVER, preaching is not really my thing. I love communication. Finding ways to communicate, to share words, revelation, ideas. Defining the “box” and jumping out of it, figuring out what is to far, then moving a little farther. Thats more my pace. Communicators intrigue me.

Now stay with me, this will all make sense in the end. On Sunday a good “friend” told me about some stuff he/she was going though. During our conversation he/she told me: “i know that I am going through all this and there will be a sermon birthed out of it.” I replied: “actually, Life is a Sermon.” And at that moment, I realized, our entire life IS a sermon.

Some people actually preach their sermons. Some find creative ways to live their sermons. Some talk about their sermon but never really embrace or even believe it. What is your sermon? Who are you preaching to? Do you live up to your sermon? Tough questions I was forced to ask myself. Some of my answers I did not like to much.

Sermons have several parts, and one part of mine is to help the communicators around me stay sharp and supply them creatively with ideas, tools, and whatever they need to stretch them and make them even better as communicators. From a lyric to a song, a sermon idea, a cool prop, a fitting blog, whatever it might be.


Sidebar: (i have had over 2000 views on my myspace blog.) is it to much to ask all my new friends to go to my new blog site? I am blessed that in a week I have just passed the 100 mark on the other site,, but I would like to eventually only use that site. SO…go visit it. Sign up, if you like me here, you will like me there, I PROMISE!

Okay the medicine is kicking in, nighty night.

Don’t ask how I got this album. Also, don’t worry, your not missing ANYTHING!

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