Today was a cool day in the history of our church. Now for you who have mobile environments, this is not as big a deal, you do this EVERY week! Today we played a video of our pastor preaching from last Thursday to all of our services today. Our people responded, loved, it, and even cheered. Now not everyone loved the service. It is amazing to see how far we have grown. Some people who might get stuck in tradition, or who are not will to try something new, could be distracted by this medium. The reality is this: Revelation is revelation and when you are doing a series on the “Secret” you can not postpone it for 2 weeks because you are in Hong Kong or because of Father’s Day.

It was really awesome to see our people get behind our pastor, even when he is in bed 12 hours ahead of us. Wednesday night we are going to iChat him into the service, that will be another stretch for our people.

As a staff we have decided that if you ever walk into our church and are not surprised by something, then we are not doing a good job. We have to continue to morph, stretch, grow, cut stuff, add stuff, do stuff different or we will NEVER EVER make it to where we need to go! We have a long way, but it is so great to see that our people, young and old alike are getting behind all the changes we are implementing. We will lose some people along the way but if we do not continue to stretch, we will NEVER add the numbers we are called to reach.

Maybe someday we could be the pentecostal fellowship church. =)