How To Save A Life

So the Fry had no idea when they wrote this song that they would be writing the soundtrack for this week @ Calvary. 2 amazing things happened this week and neither of them took place in a church. Now we did have an amazing crowd on Wednesday night. Close to 1000 people for a midweek service is nothing to joke about, but what Calvary meant 2 just TWO guys was much greater this week.
1. We went to lunch @ crispers on Tuesday. As usual we talked about all the stuff we normally talk about. We are getting up to leave and Trent (our worship pastor) said, I am going to stay here with Jonathan (who joined us late). I will meet you guys back at the office. We all piled in and left. When Trent and KiKi got back, Kiesha runs to my office and tells me how her man is a real american hero. After we left some guy started choking on his salad. As his face was turning blue, Trent got behind him and gave him the hiemlich. Lucky for Mr. X, Trent saved the day. Salad on the floor, oxygen in the lungs and a man lives to eat another summer salad.
2. Yesterday, Pastor Raley was traveling to Hong Kong and had a lay over in San Fransisco. While eating at a mexican restaurant in the airport, a man starts to choke. Pastor puts on his cape, starts to give the man the hiemlich, up comes the taco, another mans life saved.

we had almost 30 people come forward Wednesday night to accept christ as their savior. Angles rejoiced, but I gotta say, I think there are 2 guys walking the earth today equally happy that 2 pastors did what it took to save their lives.

some will never have the chance to speak in front of 1000 or give the hiemlich, but every day we have an opportunity to live like a hero, pray like a hero, make an impact on peoples lives…won’t you be my hero?

TOMORROW i will review the new Upton album…yummy.