The Evolution of TD Jakes and the REVELATION

I had heard rumors of this but I must admit I was not buying. TD Jakes is a really amazing preacher. and if you enjoy pentecostal preaching, he is probably the michael jackson (back when he was black) of pentecostal preachers. this morning i was getting ready to head to the gym and i turned on TD Jakes to see if the rumors i had heard where true. FOLKS, THEY ARE. TD Jakes is evolving. Now at the end of this blog I will explain why I think this is so amazing, but first the evidence:
1. The artist formally known as “Bishop Jakes” was wearing an over sized print short sleeve oxford. Now that by no means pushes him to Project Runway, however, to see that he has abandoned the “Box Suits” and the preacher attire, proves he is attempting to portray a kinder, gentler, more in touch “Bishop.” My interest was peeked.
2. Gone was the sweat towel, the stage, the pulpit, and even the CHURCH! Jakes was seated at a small round table having a conversation with a business man from his church. From this “interview” section, the show moved into a product offer (more to come on this) and then came back to Jakes answering questions from the audience.
3. During the product offer the author of the nations number 6 best seller this week was introduced as Author T.D. Jakes. NOT bishop, pastor, etc. now there is nothing wrong with these titles but there is a conscience effort by the Jakes organization to make him appear less aggressive and more accessible to the public. The product offer did not show Author Jakes screaming one time.

TD JAKES is no longer just for pentecostal’s, african americans, or those who like loud, sweaty preaching. My hat is off to this man for growing and evolving in an effort to allow the revelation that God has given him to be made accessible to those who his style may offend. He lost NOTHING in his message. In fact, I learned more from watching the 15 minutes of his show this morning than I ever have in my past experiences with Bishop Jakes. AND I LIKED HIM BEFORE! Jakes has now opened himself up to criticism because he is willing to take a risk, develop as a communicator, change his style up, and not be put in a box that he can only be this, that, or the other. KUDOS sir, kudos.

Finally, an AMAZING thing that he said today. He was asked about trends and how you can stay ahead of the curve. His comments rang so true: (paraphrase) By the time you read something in the paper or hear it on the news, the trend could very well be over. You need to be around people with vision, people with ideas, and people who lead. If you are always the leader in your group, while that might be great for your ego, you are never going to be stretched or discover all that is available to you. God wants to to prosper, to grow, and to be blessed, but in order to do that one must be willing to step out and put themselves around others who are better than they are at things. – AMEN.

Bye Bye: Get ready get ready get ready
Hello: Author T.D. Jakes

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