Last night I was enjoying one of my most guilty pleasures. I was watching a chick flick. This was a VERY good one: “The Holiday”. LOVED IT! As I was watching this film, one of the lines in the film really stuck out to me as it pertains to how we deal with relationships. Character “A” lived her life in an abusive (mentally & emotionally) relationship. Upon meeting a much older and wiser man, the man diagnosed our character with this problem: “For your entire life you have lived as the supporting actress and not the leading lady.” Other than God, we should be the leading role in our own lives. BY NO MEANS am I saying we are to be selfish, or all about us, but how often do we find ourselves in situations that hurt us and the ones we love all because we have refused to step up and lead our own lives? Being the leading role in your life may not always be easy. Sometimes that lead part requires you to run from bad guys, jump from building to building, crawl through a sewer, wear bad shoes, take one for the team. But much like our favorite Hollywood hero’s, with God on your side at the end of your film you will come out on top and be the champ, princess, victor, get the girl, etc. etc. etc. Oh yea, and with God in your life, just like your favorite blockbuster, the end is going to be predictable. Now you may go down in a blaze of glory, but you will end up in heaven, so that is always comforting. What can you do in your life to move from best supporting actress to LEADING LADY!?!?!

NOW GO LIVE YOUR LIFE. Be the leading lady (or man), fight the dragon, conquer the situation, take the risk, live outside yourself. May the force be with you… (please ignore the cheese ending, it was the best i could do under these conditions.)


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