so today i was beat down after 3 services and ready to just get my chill on. it is playoff time and i was watching kobe destroy the suns. (lakers lost but kobe won). ashlyn begged me to put on high school musical, for the gazzillionth time.

for the first time i caught the lunch room song. it is about the status quo. i was kinda shocked. the premise of the song for those of you who do not have much of a HSM IQ, troy the athlete and star ball player is trying out for the musical. he his good @ both and the song is highlighting all the people in the lunch room who do one thing, and that is kind of the label they get, but deep down they have the desire to do something else:
1. what label do you wear that identifies you?
2. is that label who you really are?
3. are you willing to do something that is SO different from “who you are” to really become who you are?
break the status quo. live outside the box. do not allow who people think you are to prevent you from becoming who you really are.

Jeremy Piven from entourage has an AMAZING commercial for the playoffs. if you are a basketball fan you have to see it. i saw it on TNT today, I am sure it is on YouTube. amazing stuff.

go break the status quo.