So we are in the “dark season” for sports. Wimbledon is done, the World Cup even ended, all that is left is baseball…even arena football is gone.

SO watching “the history channel for cool people” (laura n), VH1, i came across the World Series of Pop Culture. This is a GREAT show. I love it. I have to get on this show, but tonight I had to catch up on the show via DVR.

1. The one guy on the Velvet Revolution is just a plain out arrogant jerk, his name is Dave.
2. Could the girl on the 3 the hard way be any more negative? I mean, who would not want to go home to someone that cheery about life?

amazing. so amazing I had to hop on and blog it…

oh yea, I also DVR’D joel osteen, great looking show, but he could use a hair cut…