So today Andre Agassi turned what is a normally dull pre tournament press conference at Wimbeldon into a historical moment for tennis. Today, Agassi announced that after this years US Open he will retire. I have been a fan of Andre since the beginning, since the SHORT denim, since Vermont, since before cannon or sprite. back when he was with prince, he rocked nike – hard, he went to mcdonalds in limos after matches…that andre. as he got older, so did i. as he matured, i did as well. it is funny to see him now, he gets accolades for so much more than his forehand. he created the buzz, he brought tennis back, he made it cool again. when i was in high school playing tennis tournaments, every kid @ the club wanted to be down, they all wanted to be dre. before the punisher hit the circuit, back when he was a grunter, and now he is going to go out at the open, amazing.

it has been a life long goal to see dre play a night match at the open. that goal seems like a long shot now, but i did have the privledge of seeing andre play, twice. both matches amazing, both w’s, one during the brooke shield era, amazing. both times i was young, once in high school and once in college. i must admit i was a geek. i waited around to get an autograph, i got a chance to trade a few sentences with andre, he was always a gentleman, always cool, signed every autograph, even the one where the kid chased him to his car as he was trying to leave to go watch UNLV hoops on TV after being around for 2 hours after the match, signed it with a smile, patted the kid and rode off.

here’s to hoping that dre has a great run between now and the open. Hopes that he has a run like the one he ended of Connors when I was a JR. In high school, one that will be memorable like pieties. Hopes that dre ends his run the same way he started it, with a buzz, a big freehand, and everyone talking…He changed the game, lets hope he can change his summer.