i am swamped with information tonight. I have been slamming down the data. I finally got my buzz conference cds. I really had NO idea what to expect because i don’t have a church background like most people who have the job that i am doing. So far in 24 hours i have attempted to digest 4 of the 6 “sessions”.

I have heard ed young preach before. (edyoung.org) he is amazing. it was so good to hear him talk about fellowship (fellowshipchurch.org) and how they do what they do. we are so different from this great church, but we are trying to improve “communication” so much. our church is a unique blend, fire Pentecost with a cool, inviting look. not common, but neither was jesus, right? okay so that is where i am. it was SUCH a relief to come to the revelation that i do not have to be the creative creator at calvary, that my job is to just polish, plan, and lead the way i can, from where i am, and that creativity is best through teamwork.

greatness is not an accident, it happens by working hard on the little things, focusing on the details, and putting out the best everything, every time, not matter how hard it is. we are not always going to achieve it, but we have to push, grind, and strive to get there…whew…