So yesterday I was taking a day off to enjoy my kids who where starting to call me by my first name rather than daddy, and kick it with my brother who is in town from Dallas when my blackberry cherps @ me (for the 2000th time) alerting me of a new email. It is from a friend of mine, Jeffery Jackson, proud son of Gerald and Gerladine (sp). Jeff has always been a great friend and has always been someone you can count on to pull you to the next level, and once again, right on cue.

jeff proceded to alert me to the fact it had been over a month since I blogged.

This being said, I am back baby and better than ever, at least in my mind. I have a lot of ideas I feel I am going to need to work out over the next few months and this my be just the place to do said working…

continue to check back soon, more to come….