i am a recovering blog slacker. i am working hard on getting better. the first step is admitting the problem. there i did it.

last night pastor spoke @ faith in orlando then we stayed at the Westin Grand Bohemian. More to come in a minute on the hotel. This morning we went to something called a “sectional council”. yawn. love being with my work people though. we followed it up with a trip to millennia which is always a good day.

tomorrow we head to nashville. Actually, the bus leaves in an hour with a majority of the crew. i fly in much later, i have so much to do.

we tape tbn tomorrow night and then the show will air on Friday night. if you have not experienced calvary before, make sure you tune in and see what is going on.

a truly amazing twist is that Ron Carpenter is going to be on the show as well. his church (www.RWOC.org) redemption, is rumored to be a mirror image of our church, just a little bigger. but hey, we are on the come up.

now back to the hotel. the bohemian is themed on art and music. http://www.grandbohemianhotel.com. this place is so cool. we are going to incorporate a lot of their vibe into our new building.