i am in need of feed back on the artwork i posted last week. cant you hook a brother up?

what a weekend, i am still recovering. we had our normal service schedule then went on the road again to a VERY SMALL church. now we have no problem doing this but it was pretty crazy. enough said about that.

so 2 weeks ago a kid got caught taking money OUT of the offering bag. he is one of your typical wanna be paul wall white boys. he took the money out of the bag, put it under his shirt and did not realize the guy sitting next to him was a cop. just thought i would share. we did not press charges but he is now coming to see one of the counselor’s once a week.

great all start game last night. lebron did his thing, and shaq is just funny.

trade rumors have steve-o going to the sonics for ray allen, that would be sweet.

holla @ ya boy.

glad you posted again bu.