Okay, control your excitement this is my third post today.

if you are an english freak, or your attention span is shorter than mine, which is very short, you might be upset @ how this blog reads.it is kind of like my mind throwing up on the screen, sorry.

This has been a crazy week. it is funny to me that when a leader is attacked, those who are close to him feel for him and on some level carry those burdens. that happened with me this week but even more so with a friend of mine.

imagine a kid who is 21 and anointed beyond belief. not just like “oh, he will be a good preacher some day”, imagine a jakes, ed young, parsley, type in the making. well this poor kid works round the clock at a church with a bi-vocational sr. pastor. i can only imagine the stress that pastor must be under. the understudy as we will call him works amazing hours and does a good job. over the course of a week, said understudy is forced to face some drama and deal with it. the sr. pastor handles the situation with grace and class, and shares his heart with the young man about what is going on, etc. the young man becomes so burdened for the sr. pastor he forgets his problems and literally breaks down on the phone with me over the love and compassion he wants to be able to move in. he even brings up a 3rd party friend and discusses how much he cares for his friend.

this is a true story and the names are kept secret for a season, trust me when i tell you there is more to come on this as the situation develops.

i was touched by how my friend was so burdened in spite of his situation. leadership on some levels must be driven on compassion and caring. to many leaders today rule with a scepter or even a velvet hammer. Jesus moved in love, even during frustrating or difficult times. i love to see how God moves through people to show us different sides of Him. my friend was so burdened during our conversation that he broke down several times, even once in discussing our mutual friend. it was great to see this young man growing. i know God has amazing plans for his life.

well i am off. i have to clean up a few things as Jackie is tending to those who are passing and yet another minister buddy is coming over for me to help him with his resume. This guy is good and i know God can use him. he just needs some polish to his resume and some insight on how to spread it around.

until next time…stay black.