Our house is tore up. We are panting the entire interior and we suck at it. Why did I not hire someone again? Isaiah is 3 and he is currently jumping from his lil’tykes picnic table, that is in the living room for some unknown reason, over the arm into one of our very oversized chairs. the kids got ups, he is clearing a solid 3 feet, landing on his head and then rolling to his back in the chair. his mom would: a. kill me cuz he is not in bed @ 9:47, b. kill me for letting him jump on the furniture, c. kill me for letting him repeatedly land on his head. I better run and take care of him. THis is his school picture from about 6 weeks ago.

Oh yea, the other night we went to a Varsity game and he was yelling C-C-A- it made me proud he was cheering for my boys.

aight then.