I gotta give some props to my BNA crew tonight. First, if you get a second check out my friend Elizabeth’s blog http://zabsdays.blogspot.com/. Also, her husband Jeff and his great management firm (covertmanagement.com).

Finally, on the Nashvegas tip is Eddy Baur http://smorgasboer.blogspot.com. If you are in need of any graphic design work, this guy is really the best in the business. MAD CREATIVE!

So why the love for the peeps today, well this morning I was praying and journaling when I came across an old journal of mine. One of the entries was an old school post (notebook page) done prior to one of our bible studies. The church we attended in Nashville, Bethel, (www.bwoc.org) was amazing at creating discipleship and infecting college campuses. We are in the process of hiring someone to do young adults and small groups now at Calvary, and area where we struggle huge. Part of the discipleship process was a great curriculum and an emphasis on small group development. It is somewhat strange to me that purpose driven churches are GREAT at discipleship, small groups, and community development. Pentecostal churches are great at, church, and that is supposed to cover the rest. At Calvary, we do church on a level that is very high. At the same time, we have 2 small groups and nothing happening for 20’s and young 30’s, and we only have been able to penetrate 1 of the 5 campuses in the area. I am happy to announce we now have an amazing couple on board who have drawn up a plan for small groups and we should have 75-120 by the end of the year. Also, when we finally make a decision on whom is the “young adults” pastor, we will aggressively be addressing 2 of our major weaknesses.

I loved that small group. Meeting with Jay King, Jeff, and Eddy to get in the word, talk about how we are all feeling after turning in our player cards and getting married, having kids…that was an amazing experience and a bond that was great. We all worked together at Gotee, but at the same time, we created and atmosphere where it was just about life, being better at life, and learning together how to win. What an amazing time.

Finally for this post. This is the front of an outreach card that we are sending to about 300 churches to get young people involved for a week of training, evangelism, and street ministry. Stealing a Tony Morgan phrase: “strategically” this is the major week of college spring break activity in Daytona. There will be several thousand young adults in town and we are going to go after them as hard as playboy and Budweiser do…so here is the front of the card.