quick recap:

1. wow. the extra lights and production that we brought in was well worth the investment. just wait till you see this on tbn.

2. the place was packed like camp meeting. chairs in the aisles, foyer, and overflow.

3. Everything translated amazingly. the anointing was so strong, at least 30 people came forward for salvation. praise and worship rocked the spot. pastor preached on the “breaker is coming”. when the revelation hit, people became moved in a big way.

4. all our special guests did well. zack tims and pastor’s banter was witty and still powerful. martha did a solid job as usual. make sure to check for her new record on integrity in march.

i will post the air date as soon as TBN lets us know.

if you have not picked up your copy of Good To Great:Social Sector, do it. this is a quick, easy read, that will help you become better today.

now on to the next events: WOW conference, Easter, Mens Conference, and of course, the superbowl party.