What a great weekend @ Calvary. We have been seeing so much fruit out of our services. Its amazing. This weekend, at least 47 people came forward to make a change in their lives.

Pastor spoke on being pregnant with something and how Mary was pregnant before anyone could see the baby, even if others did not believe it, she knew what she felt, and that she got to a place where she had to either birth the miracle or abort, and aborting was not an option.

During this study, Pastor defined the word “with” as being behind someone. This is so key. With where we are going in life, it is not enough to just having people be “with” you, they need to be behind you, 100%. This should be the basis of hiring, acquiring, or deciding. Do not bring people into your organization if they are just going to be with you and not behind you. Do not get involved in a project or process if you can just be with it, and not behind it 100%. When making a decision, make it with the passion of being behind it, not just with it.

Later today I will post my first monthly play list. Yes Ashlee Simpon is on it.