Okay, so it cuts drastically into my cool points, but I am a big apprentice fan. DVR and the whole 9, its kinda silly. All along I have been a big fan of Randall and his character, until the 11th hour. Rebecca was a good candidate as well, either hire would have been a strong decision, and thus the problem. When Trump asked Randal if he would hire Rebecca, and he threw her under the bus like she was pavement, that was wack. I lost so much respect for him. He could have proven to be a level 5 leader (good to great) had he decided to help Trump move her into the job of her dreams. Don’t great leaders really want their corporations to be the best, even at the price of their ego? Sad.

Not to mention that one of the best candidates did not even get a chance to make it to the finals. I think Mark would have been such a solid choice as an apprentice. Anyway, like I said, feel free to deduct cool point accordingly.

Now, I must say that as some of you know, music is dear to my heart. I mean it paid my bills for a long time. I still love it so much. Pop music today is so throw away, and with that said my guilty pleasure Friday is: Ashlee Simpson’s new single L.O.V.E. What a great pop song, you end up singing it all day long. Maybe during this Christmas season she teach the other members of her family a little something about LOVE.

Go Be Great.