First let me apologize for the fact that my Tuesday and Wednesday posts did not make it through the SonicWall protection we have here. That thing is like Fort Knocks. My home DSL will be up tomorrow and from there I can continue to blog effortlessly.

Tony Moran had a great blog yesterday about leadership.
Last night I was dealing with an issue and trying to figure out one of the core questions that stump me. What makes a person negative, and why are negative people so contagious. I was talking with one of the elder statesman of the church about this, a professor, and he told me about a sociologist that did a survey. This sociologist took a group and choose 18 people who considered themselves positive or extremely positive. Additionally, he took 2 people who considered their outlook on issues as pessimistic or negative. Over the course of the project (case study) the 2 negative members successfully infected the positive people and changed their perspective on the project. During the exit interview, 17 of the 18 positive people stated they would have to grade themselves as shifting to a more negative attitude over the course of the 6 weeks.

So how does this affect church? Well, with whom do you surround yourself? Are there negative people on your staff? Do you look at problems or possibilities?

We are blessed at Calvary because as a majority, our staff is extremely positive, graceful, and very hard workers. I would love your thoughts on this issue.