How in the world have we come to this point where we actually have to deliberate growth. I am perplexed at times by ability some people have to focus on just the problems and never see the opportunity. I am baffled. For instance, our church is blessed with having a school. I am very partial to this school as it is my alma-mater. I want this school to be the best private school in the world and to do that we must grow. For the first time in Calvary history, we have just under 100 kids in the high school. Next year we have announced repeatedly in both the school and the church that we are going to launch a football program. Now today, after we have lined up coaches, students, and some funding the school board is going to pull up and question the decision and stop just short of saying that it wont happen this year. I know most people wont care but this is my blog and this issue is eating me alive today on my day off. UGH! Football provides us amazing legitimacy, growth potential, and an additional sense of community. From a marketing stand point, football will propel us to the next level as a school, thus providing major exposure in a football state. More to come I’m sure on this.

Also, as a side note, I am going to load a couple of my latest designs for your feedback.